Purposely adding an echo effect to your songs

• Oct 23, 2021 - 22:39

Hi all: I started adapting a song I heard on Pandora to MuseScore. It has a pronounced echo effect, which evidently was created by the composer using an echo feature in a synth. Two notes are played loud, then two more pairs of notes sound immediately, getting softer until fade out. Since an echo is simply a sound repeated a few times with decreasing volume, I realized I could simulate a very nice echo effect in the music by simply entering all the notes, but using volume dynamics and a decrescendo line to fade the repeat notes just as an echo would. It worked like a charm. I also turned Reverb on in the MuseScore synth to give the effect even more oomph. It really works.

Here is a short four measure clip showing how to create an echo effect using dynamics marks:

Screenshot 2021-10-23 173709.png

Let me know if you need any help. Enjoy



While we get the idea (visually) from your picture, attaching an actual MuseScore (.mscz) file with those 4 measures would have more impact (from an aural perspective).

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OK, to help you hear the good echo effect, I am attaching a test file of only 8 measures, plus a screenshot of the reverb screen in the synth. Open the file in MuseScore, then set the reverb first by opening the Synthesizer in the View menu, then just "Load From Score". Reverb settings should change to the screenshot. Then. set the mixer to "Mellow Grand Piano" with a moderate to soft volume and listen to the MuseScore file. It's neat!

Screenshot reverb.png

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Thanks for posting.
That MuseScore file is much better than merely looking at the picture! Also, you showing the effects settings makes it more enjoyable.

With the default MuseScore_General.sf5 soundfont, I first played it "plain", then added those effects. Very pretty and moody melody, especially when I started playing around with different instrument sounds: shakuhachi, vibraphone, flute, sine wave, saw lead, halo pad, solo vox, space voice -- crossing over into the celestial and sublime. (Feel like doing some transcendental meditation now.)

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So glad you enjoyed it. When I first heard the song "Eternity" on YouTube, which resonates with both echo and reverb, I thought it would not be possible to recreate the song in MuseScore, but with some experimentation, I was delighted at the result. FYI, here is a link to the ethereal and very melodic YouTube video rendition of it:

I am working hard to mimic the song exactly and will post it on my MuseScore channel in full in a few days. Enjoy. When you finally listen to my full adaptation, please post a rating if you like it.

HI Frank,

Presently I don't know of a way to "automate" an echo effect in MuseScore 3.6.2. However v4.0 is to support VST. If we get VST effects, like Audio Units, you could apply an echo or multitap effect. So maybe this is around the corner.


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