Expression control change message on first note

• Oct 24, 2021 - 21:26

The MuseScore behavior described here was observed on version 3.6.2.

In MuseScore, dynamic marks are "attached" to notes.

I note that, when volume control for dynamic marks is being used, it is often recommended that, to avoid uncertainty in the "volume" state at the beginning of the score, an appropriate dynamic mark be placed at the beginning of the score. (If that "looks odd", it can be made invisible.) In the case of MuseScore, that means that mark must be "attached" to the first note of the score.

When we attach a dynamic mark to a note, the result in the MIDI stream when the score is played is that the appropriate CC (I would hope CC11) is sent "immediately before" the Note ON message for that note.

Except when the note is the first one in the score. Then the CC is sent "immediately after" the Note ON message for the note.

For many synthesizers, that is "OK". These synthesizers will change the volume at which a given note is being rendered at any time a CC7 or CC11 is received, even during the sounding of the note. (They can in fact perform the maneuver known in MuseScore as "single-note dynamics".)

But for some synthesizers, this is not "OK". They render each note, from the time of its Note ON message to the time of its Note OFF message, at the volume state in effect when the Note ON message is received. Such a synthesizer, fed the MIDI stream from MuseScore, will render the first note at the volume state that was left in the synthesizer at the end of its last play job.


It would be desirable that a CC sent on behalf of a dynamic mark attached to a note always be sent before the Note ON message for the note.


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