How To End Grand Staff in Middle of the Page

• Nov 20, 2021 - 17:05

It seems like every staff is glued to the right margin. I have a number of short exercises that I want to end before the end of the page. Consider each "A" below as a measure. this is what I would like:



Instead I get:



No matter what I do, if I have one more measure than fits on a single line, it always drops to the next line and stretches all the way to the right margin. I can stretch the other measures so all are the same, but the layout is then too open for what I want. There must be a solution, I have not found anything in my searches. Any help would be appreciated. I truly apologize if this has been asked before!


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Or in Format>Style>Page you can set a large value for Last system fill threshold. If you set it to 100% the final system will never be stretched to fill the page width and no need to mess with frames. But using a horizontal frame gives you more control over where the final system actually appears on the page.

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