How to write a "tune every note" plugin?

• Nov 27, 2021 - 07:57

I want to write microtonal music in musescore. While there are great plugins for that purpose already, none of them is for non-octave repeating scales (AFAIK). If I want to write a plugin that iterates every single note (possibly excluding those of unpitched instruments), and if a note's tuning cents property == 0.00, then change that note's "note" AND its tuning, how should I do it? For example: in 13 equal divisions of tritave scale, each step is about 146.304231 cents. So if I run this plugin, A4 will stay A4+0.00, but A#4 becomes A#4+46.30, B4 becomes C5-7.39, C5 becomes C#5+38.91, and so on. I feel like this shouldn't be extremely difficult to implement, but I have zero experience in musescore plugin development and am desperate for help. Any help would be much appreciated!


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