How to manipulate lyrics' melisma line by plugins?

• Dec 2, 2021 - 12:33

I've tried to write a melisma manipulating function in my lyrics helper plugin but after done hours of research, I couldn't find any resources/codes that relate to lyrics' melisma API. Simply Adding underscores to the cursor.element.lyrics.text obviously doesn't work because it only adds underscores to the text but does not extend the melisma line. I found in lyrics.h (… ) there is one attributes static constexpr int TEMP_MELISMA_TICKS 's comment has information that potentially relates to melisma manipulation but I failed to get any actual effects on score nor valuable information from console logs by messing around with member functions like setTicks(), setSyllabic(), syllabic(). Does anyone know if there are ways to manipulate the melisma line in plugins? Any information is much appreciated!!


The problem has been solved. After other extra hours of research and trial & error, I finally found that the type of cursor.element.lyrics is actually Ms::PluginAPI::Element instead of a lyrics object. Thus, the property that is actually used to manipulate the melisma line is lyrics.lyricTicks. The property uses duration (type: Ms::PluginAPI::FractionWrapper) to decide how long is the melisma line. I hope this piece of information can be helpful to future plugin developers.
Thanks to everyone anyway!!

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