tecniques to reduce system space usage

• Dec 5, 2021 - 17:21

Hi all,
In the attached example, extract of a long score, there are two measures that I cannot manage to make them to fit within the same system.
As you can see I've set measure's to zero for both.
Is there any other parameter I can change in order to achieve my objective?
Any advise?

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You can set leading space to -0.50 and maybe mess with X offsets but it's awfully cramped. You could get a (slightly) less cramped appearance by reducing the overall scale for the score but then the whole thing would be pretty small. You could select all the 32nd notes and make them small (tick the box in Inspector). Personally, I don't like the appearance of any of those workarounds but you might.

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I can get them both to fit if I change the scaling (Format>Page Settings) to 1.3 mm. That is probably ok for the four part score but is going to be a bit of an eye strain for an individual part,

At default size (1.75 mm) it would only be the busy viola part that would have one measure per system, and that would probably be welcomed by the player.

Another idea would be to make the 2nd, 3rd and 4th repeated arpeggio figures in the viola part invisible and add triple slashes as stave text to indicate "repeat the previous figure". Triple slashes are needed as they indicate 1/32nd notes. However, in Behind Bars, Gould rather disparagingly says this is appropriate "only in instrumental parts of entertainment and theatre music."

[Edit] No, that last idea doesn't work as invisible notes still take up horizontal space. (Why?) You would have to actually delete the notes, and would need a different hidden version for playback,

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