Playback transposition

• Dec 8, 2021 - 18:01

Is it possible to add a (playback only) transposition slider to the Play panel? Obviously it would run the risk of pushing certain instruments outside their natural range, but the soundfonts do already allow for that.

Beyond that I can't think of any downsides, and it would occasionally be very useful when using MuseScore as an educational tool rather than strictly for preparing charts.


How do you envision a "transposition slider" should work?
In a 'continuous' (i.e., portamento) fashion?
In discrete (e.g., half step) intervals?

Upon moving the "transposition slider", how do the existing notes (and key signatures?) in the score adapt to what is actually playing ?
Once the slider is moved, can notes in the score be edited?

Why not use the "spin box" in the Synthesizer's 'Master tuning' as a "slider" substitute? (Rotate the mouse wheel instead of moving a slider.)

What educational value is there compared to performing a "legitimate" transposition (i.e., Tools -> Transpose...) which results in correct notation conforming to the sounding playback?

What would be some very useful examples of your use for such a feature?

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Discrete half-steps, no impact on the score, just shifting the MIDI output that gets played.

One very useful situation would be for learning transcribed lines that are standardized to a single key. It can be useful to internalize the movement rather than memorizing the pitches by playing along in a few different keys.

There's already a playback tempo change function there that doesn't correct the notation, I imagine this as a similar functionality?

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