Set visibility of individual brackets

• Dec 14, 2021 - 17:51

It would be helpful to be able to hide brackets when horizontal frames are inserted in order to make incipits.

I've attached an image of what is possible in MuseScore and the ideal (edited from SVG in Inkscape).


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You can remove the bracket in your first example by deleting it and then making the remaining barline invisible. However that also removes the second bracket - I don't understand how you managed to add the second one as I can't, though the handbook suggests you can. Every time I try it defaults to the beginning of the piece.

As to why you can't make brackets invisible, see Marc's post here:

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Ah ok, I didn't notice your horizontal frame, and that you'd constructed the prefatory bar from symbols.

For the OP it might be quicker to create the score first without the incipits, then save a copy and insert an extra bar at the beginning, make everthing in it invisible and then use the symbols palette to add the incipits. Then delete the bracket like I said above, and then use image capture for that one bar, saving as SVG. A slightly less messy hack perhaps? There's not much in it.

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