J. S. Bach - Preludium in d minor, BWW 999

• Nov 3, 2009 - 14:07

Good idea to have this forum. So there is my first little contribution... (actually, it is not mine, it is Johann's, I just put it in Musescore :) If someone is interested, I can also add a lyre fingering but it is tricky to play. Anyway, it is a lute prelude so you will more likely want to try it on a lute or guitar for which it is scored... ;-)

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Hey (my first post here)

Wouldn't it also be a good idea to post the scores in PDF format to reach out to a wider audience?
That way, people who are considering to use MuseScore, but haven't installed it yet, can see scores in high quality and get an idea of Musescore's feature set.

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Yea, I can see the point but I am still not quite sure about benefit of posting pdf's here. Also, good thing about .mscz files is that they take almost no disk space comparing to pdf. I think, what would be nice to see is perhaps something like a basic web based viewer/player for Musescore files or some other kind of quick-view opportunity without need to to install the whole thing. A quick preview is actually what I am missing anyway even with scores on my own disk. Something you can do with pictures, pdf files and even Sibelius files for instance - have an icon preview so you see the content without opening anything. Anyway, for now here comes the pdf version as suggested...

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A web based viewer is indeed a great idea. Once the internal format is stable enough, it looks like the next logical step for the MuseScore project would be to engage in online publishing and sharing of your scores. Consider uploading the mscz & pdf files as a temporary solution.

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