Creating a simple plugin for musescore 3

• Dec 21, 2021 - 23:48

Please, can anyone help me create a simple plugin? I need to get the 5th step from the 1st (see pic.). So basically that plugin needs to add a note to the chord (the 2nd step) then to make the note small (the 3d step) then to add parentheses to the note (the 4th step) and then to add offset to the note X: 1.00sp (the 5th step).
Thanks in advance!

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It does not matter what bar. And it can be different durations. I just put it as an example of what I want.

Not every bars but just selected. Like for example I see a chord I click the bottom note and then apply the plugin and it adds and makes a note with parentheses. And it does not matter what the note pitch is. I can easily move it up and down. Also it can be just one chord in a score or maybe 10. I will apply this plugin where it is needed.

I attached a pic. of real score where it is used. Maybe it will be helpful.

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THANK YOU A LOT!!! That's awesome!

It works the way I wanted! But I have some questions:
1. What should I add to the plugin to set head type = quarter?
2. Is it possible to add offset X -0.25sp for a left parenthese and +0.25sp for a right one?

I will be very grateful if you answer these questions. Of course, this plugin works great but during testing I realized that I didn't mention that the note head should always be quarter. My bad...

Thanks in advance!

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