Hide play cursor via OSC command?

• Dec 22, 2021 - 14:22

Is there an OSC command to hide the play cursor in the linux version of v3.6.2?
And an easy readable position (measure/beat) display in stead, the size of the hight of the tool bar?

I use MS for my piano lessons, enter the practice songs and add a simple bass and drum line, and sometimes solo or voice line. I regularly change things while I'm learning the song In later stages switching off piano voices but then the visible play cursor makes me forget to sync by ear my own playing to the comping tracks.


The playback cursor is hardcoded to 50%translucent of voice 1 color. You can alter the score and score colors with dirty tricks, but it might not be worth the hassle.
The play panel also holds the position info, but is just as much not font scalable unless you pump up the entire UI font

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Thanks for the tech info.

One work-around is to export the PDF, open that in a viewer, minimize MS and start the song using a OSC command (I use a small program that sends a start/stop OSC message to MS when I push a midi footswitch). Note: MS pops up on the foreground when it receives an OSC Play message, even when you are working on a second virtual desktop; only when MS is minimised the PDF will remain on the foreground.
I yet have to find a handy way to find and open a stored PDF file for a MS song.

Another way: view song in MS, export song and import + play it in a sequencer.
Does somebody know how to set up a sequencer - Reaper - to use same instruments and drumsets an MS?

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The other workaround is to not use voice 1 (or swap all notation out of it), mark the rests that then remain in voice 1 as invisible and set the voice 1 color to be white in the advanced preferences.

As a consequence, your playback highlight color will also be white and seemingly invisible. Additionally, if you don't want the other notes to light up either, change their voice color to black in the preferences as well.

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I think this is not workable for me. I want to switch back and forth between these settings for the different songs I daily use. And I tend to edit a song when I'm learning it. Automating it in a macro works only having 2 sets of staves - one silent original to be edited, and a modified, automated copy to be played with voices moved up and other fixes. I tend to use voice 1 and regularly voice 2 for the piano staves. Perhaps it would be easier if the default voice could be set to 2, or the cursor background color be made independant of the voice 1 color.

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