how to set the tempo from within a qml plugin

• Jan 4, 2022 - 23:00

does someboday know how to set the tempo programatically from within a qml plugin like in the attached screen shot?
I have adopted the random plugin to give me scores for practicing site reading. would be great if the time could be set too :-)
thx in advance, Karsten


Add a Tempo Text to the first segment of the score. Have a look at the TempoChanges plugin for how this can be done.

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the tempochanges plugin is really great as it also explains how to create a UI :-)
So I can incrementally improve it to give a sight reading trainer. At the moment the plugin output looks like this: Snap4.png
But I will now start to make all hard coded params be editable via UI so a student can start like in the screen shot:
- only 8th, C, D, E, F in Cmaj
- Tempo: 50
- One measure to count in
- no rests

Next it could have pre-defined param sets like levels that become more and more complex and faster. Finally also individual settings maybe storable in an own/individual training profile.
That's then close to what I always wanted. However, becoming a true "sight reading expert trainer" It would be great if there was feedback. One plays e.g. over Midi Keyboard or microphone (mdecks achived that with an MIT AudioKid, very good but currently iOS-version is not supported by MIT :-( ) into the system and the system rates which notes and times where played correctly (tolerating some +-). Next the system suggests a sequence/pattern of notes and rests where the student seems weak. I'm sure it would be very exhausting to train for 1h like this as the machine really rides especially the weaknesses but doing this will be as efficient as some type-writing courses that I used to improve type-writing skills. :-)

Just to give you some feedback. Thanks again for the hint. /Karsten

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Sounds ambitious and you'll probably hit the limits of the plugin framework when trying to work on the feedback thingy. A plugin can't take control over the MIDI input stream messages.

You might want to take a look into the "PianoTutor" fork of MuseScore which does the feedback thing using a custom build of MuseScore (I believe it was built against 2.3.2; not sure whether the project was upgraded to MS3). See…

A totally different approach could be to resort to other programs more suited at the feedback aspect, such as karaoke programs. I occasionally make use of the "UltraStar Export" plugin for choir practice using the UltraStar software.

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