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• Jan 10, 2022 - 01:23

This Latin melody will have three lines of lyrics. I'd like to add the line numbers (1. 2. and 3.) on each staff. Unfortunately, the 4th staff starts with a rest and I'd need to add lyrics to a rest. I started by adding a random hidden note to another voice. But still, the "1." doesn't align with the others since there are no words with it. So then I thought of adding a letter such as "1. w", and coloring the "w" white (same as background), but I don't think I can color lyrics, or at least not individual characters. I guess I'll just add the line numbers to the first staff, but would there be a trick to do this?

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Try this:
Instead of adding the letter "w" after the "1." enter the "1." then hold down the Ctrl key and press the spacebar a few times.

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