Add keyboard arrow keys navigation to Custom Key Signature Editor

• Jan 28, 2022 - 08:27

At the moment, user can only grab accidental and place it in editor by mouse. Moving is possible only by mouse. This functionality would remain unchanged.
User practically have no chance to accurate place accidentals. If wants to do so, needs to manualy edit mscx file.

Enhanced functionality would be:

1. Inserting accidentals

when user click accidental, it will be added to key signature

accidentals would be inserted this logic:
- in the middle of the staff lines ("y=2")
- each at x+1 position , "x=0", 2.nd "x=1", ...

2. Moving accidentals

user can move selected accidental by arrow keys

  • default vertical step is 0.5 (sp) , or

  • octave vertical step is 3.5 Ctrl + , or Ctrl +

  • default horizontal step is 1 , or

  • little step 0.1 Ctrl + , or Ctrl +

  • selection change (walk thru inserted accidentals) Alt + , or Alt +


What dou you think, can I add it to Issue Tracker as walid feature request?
Thank You

Note: This is simple enhancement of curent editor, which can helps users a lot.
I am also thinking about more complex Custom Key Editor, with logic, which covers all other tasks (multiple clefs, transpositions, ...), but I need to rethink it a bit more firs, than I will post my thoughts to forum as separate thread.


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