Adding "Systems"?

• Feb 12, 2022 - 19:48

I know this is basic stuff, but I have 4 lines (systems). I need to add a 5th system?
I'm a private teacher and I want to introduce young students to scales, one at a time.


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So, I have 4 systems, each have the system break at the end of each measure. After that the page is blank.
I've tried to add measures, but it adds measures to 4th system. I've tapped the space bar; nothing. What am I missing to populate a 5th line (system) of music?

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Why are you hitting the space bar? That is used to start and stop playback. Nothing to do with system breaks.

When you have added measures, they start empty except for a measure rest. When you add notes to those empty measures they get wider. When their total width is too great to fit between the page margins, Musescore pushes measures onto the next system. If you want to break a system earlier than Musescore does it you can add a system break to the last measure before you want the new system. That can be done either from the breaks and spacers pallet or by hitting the enter key on you keyboard (sometimes called the return key) while you have something selected in that measure.

If you need more help please attach here the score (.mscz file) you are having difficulties with. Perhaps we can then understand the problem better.

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