Suggestion for Manual (Real-time) Input

• Feb 22, 2022 - 13:51


I like to use the Manual (real-time) input mode with a MIDI keyboard to input the notes. However, what I find very counter-intuitive is the fact that if I press a note on the MIDI keyboard, no note is put in. Wouldn't it make more sense if a note of the base value is written whenever a note is pressed, and only if the note has to be made longer the enter key has to be pressed while the MIDI keyboard key is being held down? That saves a lot of enter-key presses and would considerable speed up writing.
Also, it makes sense because the rhythm of the key presses (MIDI and computer keyboard combines) would be logical; for example, in a 4/4 bar with quarter notes as base value, there would always be 4 key presses and then the bar is full. With 8th notes, ther would always be 8 key presses, no matter if 8 semiquavers or one whole note or whichever rhythm is put in.
A long time ago I used a notation program that used exactly this note input system, and that worked very fast and intuitive.


Disclaimer: I have little experience with the real-time modes.

This seems like a good natural workflow improvement to me. My only guess at why this currently isn't so is possibly to facilitate inputting chords. The current way doesn't have to deal with notes from a chord not being pressed/released in the same instant, but can just take a snapshot of the pressed notes when the advancement shortcut is hit.
So some logic to deal with that should be incorporated likely.

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