How to create more than one part from one "instrument"

• Apr 1, 2022 - 16:19

Let's say I want to write a polyphonic piece of music, but it's not fixed which instrument(s) will play part (voice) 1, which part 2, etc. So I write a score with 4 instruments in C. Now I can create 4 parts. Suppose part 1 will be played by instruments in C, in Bb, and in Eb. Obviously, I want to give each player the transposed sheet music. How can I add the transposed, but further identical parts, without having to add them to the main score?


You can create new, transposed "instruments", create all the Parts and then hide the instruments in the full score by pressing I (or Edit >Instruments from the menu), selecting the instrument(s) and unticking the Visible box.

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