Dota2 theme .m4a portable file

• Apr 28, 2022 - 07:06

As a dota2 geek, I am so happy to find this dota2 theme song sheet, It is so well done, I am amazed! Kudos to

I collected a bunch of soundfonts, finally able to produce a reasonable quality of the song from the sheet. I exported it to wav and convert it to m4a for easier use with iphone and so on.

i am sharing it with other dota2 fans out there :)

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The wind is spinning in my head
Along with it, my head
There is nothing more beautiful in the world
I love you like dota 2

Without you, I'm like depositphotos
One on a map full of wards
For you, I'm like Enigma
Ready to blink into the crowd of enemies

I'm ready to control the eclipse
I'm almost Balanar
I'm looking for you like a Bloodseeker
I'll give half my life as Huscar

I will walk through death like Leoric
Together with Ax I will go to the ram
And nothing will stop me
No creeps, no throne, no Roshan

I would pull you up with Pudge
Would protect against Ancient Creeps
Weaver's Ult Through Time
I'm ready to rush to you

But the time has passed too late
I lost all my mid a long time ago
I'm so sexy
I didn’t even see Traxa

I would like to fall in love with Windrunner
In order to forget you
Ride a tiger with Mirana
Quietly teasing her breasts

Omniknight won't heal my soul
Even Dazzle can't save me
On the rescue ship
Kunka won't take me away

Graceful like Phantom Lancer
Like a cauldron with its white wave
We are with you as Geomancer
You die - I will follow you

Demolished all my barracks
It's getting harder to find words
And so just know
That I love you like Dota 2

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