Can't add second voice

• May 22, 2022 - 22:50

Hi. This is a score that was exported from Logic. Mostly, the export went very well. At bars 122 and 123, however, I only see one of the voices in the horns. I tried to add the other (2nd) voice in MS, but have not been able to do so. When I select Voice 2 (green), a Voice 1 note gets highlighted. I've read instructions and comments by others who have had the problem, and I've tried restarting the program, but no dice. Any suggestions?

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Scene_1_Finale_1_1.mscz 224.62 KB


The voice 1 note will be highlighted, but the larger rectangular highlight is green, indicating you will start entering notes in voice 2. If you start typing in notes, they should then be placed in the second voice. I have no issues doing that with your attached score.

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