Suggestion re: Instrument Changes

• May 24, 2022 - 14:49

While I'm grateful for the option to change instruments mid-staff, I think the current way of doing isn't quite as intuitive or helpful as it could be.

Currently, an Instrument Change results in (a) changing the sound, (b) changing the clef, and (c) inserting the text "To [new instrument]" at the place that is chosen. But this doesn't necessarily give the player all the information they might want.

My suggestion would be that selecting Instrument Change puts the name of new instrument at the point where the change takes place. It also puts the text "To [new instrument]" earlier in the score at the point where the musician should pick up the new instrument. In my opinion, this is clearer, more helpful, and requires only a slight tweak to what MuseScore is already doing.

Thanks for your consideration, and for a great program.


In my experience of orchestral clarinet playing instructions to change instrument are placed as soon as possible in the score - immediately after the last measure played on the "old" instrument. Musescore does not dictate where you should place instrument changes. From the player's point of view, I hope you would place them as early as possible.

It seems to me there is nothing to fix, just use the provided facility as kindly as you can and as any kindly publisher would.

[Edit] It is also useful to have a reminder in the score where the "new" instrument starts to play. That can best be done in Musescore with staff text.

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