Saving on exit

• May 28, 2022 - 07:24

I feel it would be enormously helpful if the warning about saving files on closing a score could be changed.

The current option simply warns of changes - which may be minor, or may be large. At times I'm sure that I - and perhaps others - have deleted changes by saving - when the changes should have been kept, and vice-versa. For example I often just look at scores without intending to change them, but somehow they get corrupted.

Some other software allows the possibility of two files being saved - the "original" file (the one opened) and also the edited version - with different file names attached to each. A time stamp could be used. At least that way the two different versions could be checked immediately after closing, and one which is/was not needed could be deleted. Maybe a change review panel would help here?

Another option might be to have a read only mode for MuseScore, so that if one is simply reviewing a score, or listening to it play, then it would not be possible to change it.

I now try to always use a sequential numbering system for file saves, to minimise the possibility of losing wanted changes. The load on the file system is generally not large, as MS files tend to be very compact.

I know that there are supposed to be checkpoint saves every few minutes, but I am sure that I have lost several wanted score versions because of uncertainty about which score was actually being saved.

Partly this may also be because I often have a lot of files open in MS - as I look at many scores. This would be less likely to be a problem if I always opened and closed MS each time I work on a score - but I don't!

It's not uncommon for me to have more than 5 or even 10 scores open at any one time, and if I don't close MS periodically I forget which ones need specific features to be saved.

Actually a read only option - a locking feature for reviews - would be great - even if it could be over ridden, as it would very much reduce the accidental risks of changes. However there may be problems with changes - "What is a change?" Listening to a score playback and using the Mixer will change the sound, but not necessarily change the score. Sometimes the mixer changes are needed as well. I'm not totally sure how this could all be improved, but I think there is definite room for improvement.

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