Deleting a descant stave from a score

• Jun 24, 2022 - 15:19

Hi all,
I need to delete the descant stave completely from this score. Not just make it invisible, but completely delete it. I tried highlighting it and doing ctrl. del but that deletes everything. I didn't see anything when I right clicked on the staff that would indicate a way to remove the staff. Any suggestions?

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Press I, select the stave you want to delete, select Remove from sore. In this score you don't have any instrument names (why?), so just click on a blank area on the line above "Stave 1".

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" I actually cannot delete any of the staves in the instrument menu"

Are using Edit > Instruments... to view the instruments (shortcut = I)?
Have you highlighted the instrument (stave) which you want to delete?

Is the Remove from score button inactivated?
If so, then you may have selected the instrument details line. You need to select the instrument heading (the line with the Visible checkbox).

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