Full Screen mode (Ctrl-U) odd interaction of spacebar with Mixer

• Jun 24, 2022 - 22:04

maybe it's a bug, maybe an odd feature, but....
-- Windows 11 latest update as of 24/6, latest version of MuseScore (as of 24/6)
-- in Full Screen mode (Ctrl-U), when Mixer is open, with an instrument muted, (any instrument), pressing Spacebar to start/stop play does not start/stop play, instead it mutes/unmutes the latest instrument that was muted in the Mixer....?; changing the instrument that is muted merely makes that new instrument the one that is muted/unmuted/
-- anomaly ends when Ctrl-U is pressed again (leaving Full Screen mode)

Again, not sure if this is a feature, or just what, it's not a major bug, but an annoyance until one figures out what is going on.....


I'm on Windows 10 and have noticed this also, but I click into a "safe" place in the score and then press the spacebar to start/stop play.
Looks like it's fixed in my MuseScore 4 nightly. Pressing the spacebar after muting doesn't "unmute" but now (logically) starts playback.

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