• Jun 26, 2022 - 01:12

I am trying to write a part for a woodwind quartet in which the Bassoon play is clapping instead of playing their instrument. Is there a way to notate this in Musescore?


You can add a Hand Clap staff from Edit > Instruments > Percussion - Body to your score and place the handclaps where you wish them to play.
In the bassoon staff you can place x head notes (made silent in the Inspector) to denote the hand claps (which are actually played by the handclap staff).
See this example with trumpet:

The handclap staff is hidden. Look in the Instruments dialog to make all the staves visible.

P.S.: Depending on how often you need to change back and forth between instrument and handclaps, you might consider using the 'Change Instr.' text from the palette and forgo the separate handclap staff.

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