Musescore 4 - Low latency driver (mainly ASIO)

• Aug 14, 2022 - 16:27


I'm just giving a try to musescore 4 and wonder how I can set my I/O to use ASIO driver ?



Thank You!
I am looking for that as well.
On MS3 it was available in Preferences -> I/O -> API
Is there no way to do that on MS4?

Dev Team, please fix this. There is terrible skipping during the first 1-2 counts of playback and any midi input is delayed by over half a second. I didn't have this problem in Musescore 3.6 because I used ASIO drivers.


Hello Guys.

Before we see the fix for the ASIO system, I suggest a simple way to work around the problem (maybe not perfect, but it works and can be used as in MS3.6)

  1. I assume that anyone who has a latency problem has an external audio interface (FocusRite, Behringer, Steinberg, etc.)

  2. Connect the midi keyboard to the interface.

  3. Run any VST instrument in the background (e.g. Sampletank) and set it to play from the interface

  4. Set Musescore to be played from the computer's built-in sound card (e.g. High definition audio device)

  5. By typing music, mute the internal card with the windows mixer and listen from the ASIO interface.

  6. Playing with Musescore unmute built-in sound card :)

I know it's a bit weird and it's better that MS4.0 has built-in ASIO but you have to deal with it.


Fortunately, I have an external Alesis mixer, so when I enter music, I mute the internal one and when I listen, I turn the sound back on.

I hope I helped and that you will be able to use MS4.0 fully before we see a working ASIO API.


David (TipyPata)

I was surprised that MuseScore 4 on Windows doesn't support low latency audio. Has ASIO support been officially dropped? I can't seem to find a clear answer to this question, just the workaround of using an outboard synth for low latency audio.

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