Live show functionalities

• Aug 19, 2022 - 01:12

I was wondering if musescore as a whole (application and website) include any live show funcionalities for example organizing musescore files in setlists to navigate easily in a live performance situation.
I'm a bassist in a cover band and I use musescore mainly to transcribe my own parts, sometimes having an additional keyboard track just for notating chord symbols. Then I export all my files to pdf and upload them to onedrive.

When in the show, I use onedrive's "download to this ipad" functionality to get all the file for the show and I have ot change the name of every file to add numbering so that I have songs properly ordered.

I don't know if musescore has any of this type of funcionality that could work best with the native files and wouldn't require me to change names to organize the files for a specific gig.
Exporting to pdf has some limitations, for example, files are split into pages, so I have to be scrolling down or through pages (depending if I'm viewing in onedrive or adobe acrobat reader in the ipad). If there were a way to see the "native" musescore files, I would like to just scroll down, without any page frames or borders, just going from start to finish on each song.

I would also like to know how other users are accomplishing this. I think some people print everything in paper, but I don't consider that as an option, since it is easier to get everything in the ipad, and since all is stored in onedrive, I can download to my phone also if I leav the ipad at home (has happened to me twice already :S )


Ideas re the "pages splitting":
a) Set the page height to a very large value. The largest in MuseScore 3 seems to be 2000 mm. I PDF-exported an 8-page score of mine (not band, but for choir) like this, and it came out nicely on a single large page; which Acrobat Reader in Windows 10 showed with nice srolling without problems. See attachment (this is not a perfect score - there are a few hiccups because it was imported via MusicXML and then not "repaired/beautified" ...).

b) If even 2 meters are too short for you, you might be able to reduce the score scale as well as the page width by 50%; which should double the "amount of score" that would fit on such a 2-meter-page.

Re gig organization, I (being the band's keyboarder; and up to now using another notation software, but with the same [non-]features for file organization) actually make a new directory for each gig, copy the files there; and do whatever is necessary for the gig. I'm not sure I would like to mix my leadsheet writing organization with the gig organization, which sometimes changes on short notice or requires additional editing (lead singer: "In that song, I'll introduce the band members, so let's play this chorus 4 times instead of 3, and then solo around a little until I'm done ...").


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I think import the PDFs to the ipad app "ForScore" which is specifically made for showing music. (And Android users use the MobileSheets app). They can do the scrolling thing, I think, and many other things as well.

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