github/musescore/harmonica_tablature official plugin repository is unmaintained.

• Sep 18, 2022 - 21:52

Dear MuseScore team,

I'd like to become a maintainer for the harmonica tablature plugin:

This is my user:

The official one has been unmaintained, but there are lots of pull requests, and I have done lots of bug fixes and new features in my own fork (also GitHub issues are not enabled in the musescore repository :( ):

Or could we change the oficial plugin listed in the plugins page for my updated one? There is still activity and interest for this project.

All Forks:

Pull Requests:

Ismael VC aka HarmonicaMuse :)
Best regards.


Feel free to update the project page to point to your repo instead (the project page is wiki-style editable by all registered users).
Lasconic indeed retired from MuseScore development and is fine with active community members taking over.

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