Docking, and other shared operations

• Sep 21, 2022 - 22:55

There are certain concepts that are used in multiple places in MuseScore. I'd like to try to keep full descriptions of these concepts localized to one main place for each,a nd then we can reference that main description where needed.

In particular, right now, I'm working on the Palettes page, and want to talk about docking & undocking. No reason to duplicate that material for every panel (and then have to update it everywhere as well if anything changes). I propose "Basics / The user interface" be the place for that Perhaps a new subheading underneath the main Score heading, or just inline after the bullet list of panels. Which reminds me, I kind of dislike headings with only a single subheading, always seems like maybe an opportunity for simplification - hence the idea of not creating a subheading for docking, unless there are other subheadings that might join it. Anyhow, I see people are actively working on that page, so I'm not going to touch it right now, but if someone else is working on it, feel free to add something.

Aside from docking, there are probably other things that could be centralized, although I don't have any example in mind offhand.

Thoughts welcome!

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