score "senza misura"

• Oct 1, 2022 - 16:01

Hi everybody,
First time I'm dealing with a score like this (see attached first page).
It start saying "Senza misura" , it doesn't contain the time signature and where the bar is not complete the barline is dashed.
I've tried to make INVISIBLE the time signature but its ghostly appearance prevents me to see the clef while in MuS.
While I could go with it, I thought that, may be, the developers must have thought of a more elegant solution, or so I hope.
Is there? Thanks.

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Disable the showing of the time signature in the staff/part-properties rather than turning it invisible.
Then make use of the split/join measure commands to make your measures have the desired custom lengths (or change the "actual length" in the measure properties).
Then change the barlines to dashed (via the inspector or the palettes).

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