Lengthen open syllable's line

• Oct 13, 2022 - 14:05


I usually attach the lyrics to the Soprano notes, but sometimes the Soprano sings one long note whereas the other voices sing shorter notes, and then the line next to the open syllable is very short. I see no option in the Inspector to manually increase the length of that line. I'd prefer not to use a "workaround" (e.g. remove the word from Soprano and add it to Tenor). Is there a way to lengthen that line?

It's that underbar next to "fore" in the image.



AFAIK there's no adjustment to change the length of the melisma, so I also would prefer to enter the lyrics to the other voice. It's also possible to add a underscore via "Ctrl+Shift+_", but it wouldn't have exactly the same position as the melisma.

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