How can I install Muse Hub in an Arch based distro?

• Oct 25, 2022 - 15:11

Hi. I am a Manjaro user. Can anyone help me find out how can I install Muse Hub on it?


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Thank you for your answer.
I didn't find out how I could do that, but I decided to try again a method that never worked for me and now it did.
Install debtap from aur.
sudo debtap - u
debtap Muse-Hub.deb
And in KDE double click the generated installation file, type the password and confirm.

Muse hub is opening and working, but it was only able to connect to server and download sounds once. In the following tries it didn't connect.

Hi there. I am a Manjaro dev and will create a package in the AUR shortly.
Basically all you have to do is unpack the .deb file and copy the content of data.tar.xz to /opt and /usr of your system respectively.
Also you need to start (and enable to make this persistant) muse-hub systemd service:

sudo systemctl start muse-hub
sudo systemctl enable muse-hub

Like this there is no need to reboot your system by the way ;)

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