Update Ukrainian for MuseScore >0.9.5

• Nov 12, 2009 - 23:42

Good day dear developers

This time I have some time for updating Ukrainian for MuseScore. For
base was used 0.9.5 and next updated from SVN-tarball.
But from this update some string stay not translated - if possible, please,
send to me (dubyk MAIL library.lviv.ua)
correct updated file 'mscore_uk.ts'.

I am also interesting in translation of HandBook and site.

Also was prepared file instruments_uk.xml (it is possible auto load
instruments_*.xml in depend of language used, English if not exist

Also I (and not only me) need in one great (but, I hope, simple) feature
in MuseScore -- large amount of midi-files in cyrillic space have lyric
text in different encoding (often in windows-cp1251, koi8-u, koi8-r,
cp-866, utf-8) and will be fine to have during import to choose encoding.
Such feature is present in Rosegarden.
(URL's with notes:
http://www.orthodoxrussiansinging.com/06_Liturgia/06_Liturgia.html )

With best regards
Serhij Dubyk

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Hi Serhij,
I commited your files to the SVN.
The most recent mscore_uk.ts file is always in the SVN. There are several reasons why after you translated everything, some strings don't appear translated in the interface. It might be because we added the strings lately, and the update process has not been triggerred. Or the strings are provided by the Qt framework.
A translation server is on the way to provide a better place to work for translators

I will put your two feature requests (autoloading and lyrics encoding) in the issue tracker and take a look.

Regarding the translation of the website, you have access to the ukrainian interface. The first thing to translate is the teaser on the frontpage and a couple of strings that can be changed only by the admin.
Could you translate the following in a comment before you start?

  • Free music composition & notation software
  • Handbook
  • Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, 2002-2008 Werner Schweer and others

There is more info about how to translate the website in the translator handbook

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Thanks very match for commiting ukrainian files and issues.

Translation of
* Free music composition & notation software
* Handbook
* Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, 2002-2008 Werner Schweer and others
is next
* Вільна програма для набору музичних партитур
* Підручник
* Ліцензія Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, 2002-2008 Werner Schweer та інші

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The strings are added as you can see.

I took a look to several MIDI files from the sites you give.
On the last site, it looks like the MIDI files actually contain ??? and not lyrics in a special encoding.
On the other website, I open a file made with lilypond, and I can't find the lyrics.
As you stated RoseGarden can open these files, can you give a link to a working one?

The issue is here btw: http://www.musescore.org/en/node/3370

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