a "square" slur ?

• Nov 13, 2022 - 07:12

Hi all,
It's the first time I hit this notation sign (see attachment).
Does anybody know what it is, what's the audio effect and how it's possible to insert it in the score with MuS ?

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i don't know what it is but you can create it by applying a pedal line, then go into Inspector and change the height of the 45-degree start and end hooks to a positive value and place the line Above the stave.

I believe this is just a tie. At first I thought it might be editorial, with the angular look indicating that it is missing in the original. However in this old edition of some early keyboard music you can see that the semibreves are also angular, while the naturals are rather quirky, so it may just be all part of the printer's style. If you do decide that it is editorial then you can use the Inspector to render it as a dotted or dashed tie.

What is the piece and what is the edition?

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