Saved data

• Nov 18, 2022 - 14:26

Hi. I have had trouble with my PC. Having reloaded win10 all was well and my Lead sheets were there. I then had to replace the PC and having downloaded Musecore to my new PC (win11), I can't access my lead sheets. Are they still in the cloud? Can I retrieve them? IU can't see the cloud as an option only my PC & onedrive. Help would be much appreciated. I'm sure they are still there somwhere.


They are still wherever you saved them to be. MuseScore files are just files, by default saved under your user's Document folder (if you have a Microsoft account, then possibly automatically synced to your OneDrive).

If you have used File > Save Online and stored them on the online score sharing platform, then use your browser to login there and download them again one by one.
Otherwise you'll have to recover those files from your old PC.

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