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• Nov 21, 2022 - 22:08

Dear all,
when translating the MuseScore 4 interface, it looks like some strings can't be found on Transifex. Attached screenshots are showing certain untranslated strings. Is it possible to add them for translation?
Of course I can be wrong and I missed these elements.

Thank you for reply.

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I have encountered a few more instances, where it appears everything is translated in Transifex, but does not show in program:
- in setup wizard, when creating new document in second tab "Create from template" all options are in English
- in most dialog windows OK and Cancel are not translated, despite everything else is :)


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The OK and Cancel in some dialog windows are provided by Qt libraries. MS3 is also showing the same OK and Cancel English text. This has been resolved for a couple of other languages that had the same issue. Think it would be best to log this as an issue in github to fix this.

Good spot on the "templates", don't see a reason why they should not be translated as they are in MS3. Not sure if this is intended or an oversight. The good news is that this has been logged as an issue in github: https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/issues/14900 so hope this will be resolved soon.

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