Question on playback for notes Musescore 4

• Nov 23, 2022 - 14:30

So I have a score imported from Musescore 3.0 with cue notes that are set not to playback, but then in Musescore 4.0 those cue notes did playback (It could also be me forgetting to disable playback). Either way though, I can't see an option to disable the playback of notes in the properties section. Help would be appreciated.

Also if there is a really explicit button that I missed, I personally think they should add it on the properties section as well.

Sorry for my bad english and if I am being vague please tell me.

EDIT: can set on master score but not in individual parts.

PS. Photo attached below: Some options for playback including velocity and tuning, but no option to disable 截圖 2022-11-23 22.27.10.png

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