Realtime interface between Musescore and DAW

• Nov 30, 2022 - 13:47

I am trying to interface Musescore with my DAW (Cakewalk Bandlab) real-time. I followed the instruction in this article both for Musecore and DAW.
However, my DAW is unable to pick up MIDI signals.
I closed my DAW application and played the example Musecore score provided in the above article. I hear music via speakers connected to my computer. Is this correct? I thought there will be no audio output via a standard speaker since the MIDI loop is selected as the output device.
Also, I can see total data and throughput/sec second changing in the loopMIDI application which means data is transmitted via the MIDI channel.
I am unable to understand. Requesting help


> hear music via speakers
propably audio output from musescore. try muting musescore in your OS sound control panel
> I can see total data
I setup once successfully long ago with another DAW REAPER
if you see data in loopMIDI, the problem's in your DAW's MIDI input setting (STEP6)or the armed/recording track's MIDI monitoring setting(STEP7)

non-realtime : you can export individual .MID s

in case you don't know yet MS4 has VST3 support

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