Visual Studio 2019 how to debug musescore4

• Dec 1, 2022 - 11:08

I can compile and start the current version MuseScore4.
But since I'm a bit inexperienced with C++ projects,
I can't find a way to debug the program. "Click the Local Windows Debugger button on the ▶ main toolbar, or go to Debug > Start Debugging, or press F5" does not work.
The following error occurs:
The program "C:Users\xxx..\MuseScore\msvc.build_x64\x64\RelWithDebInfo\ALL_BUILD"
cannot be started.
Access denied
What am I doing wrong.

I need some advice.
Sincerely, JAK

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You seem to be trying to run/Debug from the build directory, but should do so from the install directory instead.

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Strange: "C:Users\xxx..\MuseScore\msvc.build_x64\x64\RelWithDebInfo\ALL_BUILD" is also NOT the resulting binary file, so you'll definitely have to look into your run/debug settings to make it point to the correct thing.

Try right clicking on the mscore project, and setting it as the startup project. Then debug. From the above it sounds like you were trying to debug the first project, ALL_BUILD.

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