MS4 - Has the metronome count-in been removed?

• Dec 2, 2022 - 03:20

I'm just looking at the nightly build from Nov. 30 (MuseScore 4). It looks to me like the metronome count-in has been removed (Linux version). Does anyone else see that? It hasn't been working in MS4 so maybe they've given up on it - but I actually use that!

Hope it gets put back in.
- Rob


It will be put back in, but given current timelines it wouldn't be fixed by release of 4.0. So to prevent a number of bug reports saying "that button doesn't work", we now have an open issue for "re-implement count-in" and removed the button for now to minimize the confusion about this.

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Any news about this ?
My main reason for using MuseScore is as a repeater. This feature is more than useful to me as it allows me to work on specific passages with time to prepare on my instrument before the playback starts.
In addition, the songs from version 4 are no longer readable by version 3. This makes the switch to version 4 very hypothetical for me.

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