Reinsert title box?

• Dec 5, 2022 - 18:20

I was editing a score which I had made parts for, and removed the title box (containing composer etc.) in the full score, without realising that deleting it there would also remove it from all parts. I saved the file, closed it, and when returning I noticed my mistake.

Is there a way to reinsert the "standard" box on all parts? If not - is there a way to at least add all part names automatically? The only way I have found is to click Add > Text > Part name and then type it in manually for each part, which takes forever in a score with these many parts (big band + brass band).

Since I have edited all individual parts (line breaks etc) I really, really don't want to remove them all and start over with new parts.


I'm afraid those partnames indeed are copied into the parts title frame upon creation. So the only option I know of is indeed to add them all back one by one.

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