Detuning Notes in Muse Sounds

• Dec 16, 2022 - 15:41

I've been trying out the new Muse Sounds for playback of some microtonal music and unfortunately the new libraries don't yet respond to the "tuning" parameter in the note playback settings.
Will this feature be added in the future?
It would be a shame if it weren't, and integrating the note tuning paramer sounds pretty straight-forward since there's already that parameter in the note settings.
Detuning notes on the standard soundfont works fine.
Thanks in advance,


I've been trying this myself and I've found that the tuning will only change in increments of semitones. I think the problem with tuning in musesounds is that the sounds were actually recorded instead of being computer generated (I think, I might be wrong) and so only semitonal increments were recorded as it would take an extremely long time to record every microtonal increment on every instrument. I might be completely wrong but it's my theory.

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