Brass sounds don't work after certain range

• Dec 17, 2022 - 01:58

More specifically the trumpet range after C6 doesn't even play in the slightest. This could also be an issue with other brass instruments. I have yet to test them.


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The trumpet and trombone sounds are much more realistic than the previous ones. The brass sounds got a much-needed massive overhaul that makes such a big difference. The only thing I would say that bugs me, besides the range limitations. it would be like you said, the volume and the precision when the notes have any sense of direction. I'm sure they are looking at fixing the volume but for now I pushed the dynamics up by one.

Bass trombones won't play anything over E4. As a bass trombonist, I regularly play C5 and sometimes above. It'll play down to C1 however. I don't get not having at least a G4

I have found the same thing. Basically you can't pay back anything written for a piccolo trumpet without the high notes dropping out. The only solution I have thought of is to go back to the MS Basic sound font for that part. I also found the same thing with a tuba. I tried assigning the tuba voice to the baritone horn part, but the high notes again all drop out. In that case the trombone can substitute, but the tone doesn't sound right for a conical bore instrument.

Yeah this is an issue for me writing trombone ensemble pieces as well. 1st parts often go to high C and above but it stops playing after high Bb. It would be great if they could just make the adjustments in their sound files to include those notes.
The old musescore sound fonts work in that register but sound horrible, they distort even with the gain turned down on them, and I can't balance them with the new Musesounds.

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