How to raise/lower trill pitch in Musescore 4

• Dec 18, 2022 - 05:47

So far I am having a bit of trouble with Musescore 4 trills, I'm trying to raise/lower the top note pitch of a trill but so far nothing I've done works. In Musescore 3, I use to add a second note value above the trill note in a different voice then change the pitch and set the voice to not play, but it doesn't work anymore. The start of L'isle Joyeuse is a good example.


I am having a similar issue. I find that sometimes my trills will go up only a half-step (which is my desired goal) but short trills will always go up a whole step (which is undesired in the piece I'm working on).

There was a pdf published several years ago which seems rather interesting to me. I will link it below. The idea of a trill editor would allow the versatility of users to create the trills they need while simultaneously having a limited set of commands that Musescore could send to the VST and MIDI softwares. There would be set parameters on when to start or stop a certain note (depending on the options the user selects), and with the new overhaul of the playback system that Musescore 4 brought, it could anticipate that this is a trill and therefore connect the notes to the parent note realistically (to my limited understanding of this topic).

The pdf link is right here:
The article appears to have been written sometimes after early 2011, possibly 2012?

This still works for me. I tried it with varius instruments and voices with success. Did you load a Musecore 3 file that you know works?

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