Moving the sound library

• Dec 18, 2022 - 15:51

I installed MS 4.0.0 on my Linux system. I also installed muse-hub and downloaded the new sound library, all 14 GB of it. (I wish it had told me first how big it was.) What I did not notice is that it put the files on /srv, which is not very big. I would rather have it somewhere else. So I copied all the files to the bigger place but I can not find how to make MS4 look in this new place - it does not offer me the choice of the new sounds now, just the "MS Basic" sounds. It was seeing the files before I moved them. There has to be a config file somewhere...


Make a symlink from that /srv location to your new location.
You might have to restart the Hub after this and it might act as if redownloading/installing them (but won't actually be downloading them, just rediscovering them on your symlinked location).

As for telling you how big the sounds are; if you click on a sound library tile in the Hub, a detailed description view opens up, which includes the size of that library; this information is available before downloading/installing said library.

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