Musescore 4.0 — A Control-Click must be followed by mouseUp or the subsequent drag event goes to the score rather than navigating the contextual menu.

• Dec 19, 2022 - 01:08

MS3 behavior on MacOS: After invoking a contextual menu̦ in MS3.6.2—here on the Mac I’m doing that with Control-Click—I can immediately navigate the resulting menu with the mouse still down. No preemptive mouseUp is required to navigate the contextual menu; No preemptive mouseUp is required to prevent dragging a) the score or b) an object inadvertently selected when MuseScore passes the click event to the score?

MS4 behavior MacOS: In contrast, in MS4.0, after a Control-click I have to release the mouse to navigate the contextual menu. If I leave the mouse down after Control-Click and drag to navigate the menu, the score gets the drag event, usually resulting in a score drag, or sometimes a drag of a score object, like a note or frame. I've ever encountered this behavior in any MacOS application.


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