On the ergonomicity of the "home - part - publish" menu

• Dec 19, 2022 - 17:03
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Ergonomical (UX)
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I tried to work with musescore 4 all day and I ended up HATING the "Home - Part - Publish" bar. For me only the "Part" one should exist. Let me explain:

1 - The "Publish" bar does not serve any purpose. All options shown here are redundant, and are all contained in the "File" drop down menu, as they should be. It's basically a place where you can see your partitions without the non-printable character (returns). If I wanted that, I'll make a button next to "mixer" called "non printable characters" that once turned on hides them. Or maybe an option in the "display" rolling menu.
If at least one could not accidentally change the eight of the notes in that mode, as if it was a preview of the pdf about to generate, that would make sense, it would be some kind of "printing preview" you can drag around. Here it does not, notes are movable.

2 - The "Home" page serves little to no purpose.
The "My account" thing is the only one that makes sense, because all the others are redundant and unergonomic.
The "Partitions" one is basically just "create a new one or open an old one", which the "File" rolling menu does perfectly, it could and should be either just a pop up windows that opens at the start of musescore, or a screen that only appears at startup, or be fully integrated in the "File" rolling menu, as in Word 2016 for example.
The "Plugins" one is opened everytime one activates the "Plugins" rolling menu, and could definitly be a popup window.
As for the "Learn" part, I'm pretty sure everyone's reflex would be to find things on youtube, and that the "help" rolling menu (that makes a 404 error by the way https://musescore.org/handbook/4?locale=en&tag=handbook&utm_campaign=MuseScore4.0.0&utm_content=5485621&utm_medium=menu&utm_source=desktop) would be a better place for the masteringmusescore link.

3 - It is always in the way of clicking "File" or "Edit", leading to a surprising number of Missclicks, and to a lot of rage.

4 - It is ugly, and takes lots of space.

Sorry for my poor english, and for the relatively agressive tone of that report, I don't know how to complain politely in english :/

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