No sounds (musescore 4)

• Dec 20, 2022 - 01:36

Alright.... Basically
Ms Basic soundfont is literally GONE and any instrument with MS Basic doesn't play
can someone help?


Alr follow up here
Here's two possible reasons to why this happened
A few days ago I tried following a tutorial do get sforzando, but ended up removing the whole thing
Howhever, the Snare Template and other percussions were already changed. Maybe that's why the snares don't work
However that doesn't explain why the Ms basic is screwed up.

Basically, I uninstalled Musescore 3 a few days ago too, but had to reinstall for reasons
This might have screwed up where Ms4 looks for the MSbasic soundfont
and I already uninstalled ms3 again because of that but to no avail


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I have found a solution to the problem. For me, somehow the MS Basic.sf3 file was deleted from the installation directory. I also have sforzando, but have never used it in Musescore. I fixed it by copying the Musescore_General.sf3 file (located at C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\sound) from Musescore 3 to Musecore 4, and renaming it 'MS Basic.sf3'.

Put the new file in C:\Program Files\MuseScore 4\sound

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This also happened to me suddenly this week. I'm pretty sure it was fine last week, and suddenly it's gone. I think there might be a bug...
Also, instead of showing "MS basic" as I recall before, it is showing "MuseScore_General" now...
Thanks for the workaround

Edit: I missed the step of renaming. After renaming "MuseScore_General.sf3" to "MS basic.sf3", shows correctly now. Thanks again.

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