Horrible lag time when doing basic MIDI input. iMAC Catalina.

• Dec 20, 2022 - 02:21

I was hoping I would be able to use this 'right out of the box' But something is horribly wrong. I have an iMac with Catalina, a Casio PX-560M connected to it with a simple MIDI IN OUT USB cable and it is not working correctly.
Musescore 3 it works fine, but in Musescore 4 when inputting notes there is a horrible lag, reverb and yuck.
There is a 1 second echo from when I press the key. I hear the Casio keyboard note first and then the inputted musescore note from my computer.

I can try it on an iMac with Ventura and the M1 Chip to test. But I don't feel like moving my whole setup right now.

I am switching back to Musescore 3 for the next few months. Good luck guys. It is hard enough developing software for all the different types of computers, but then you add in all the different types of instrument and MIDI connections and you have a nice programming cocktail similar to a level of Dantes Inferno.

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