Change order of sounds in drum set palette?

• Dec 20, 2022 - 18:01

When inputting notes, I prefer to first place a note and then adjust its pitch using the up/down arrows. This works great for pitched instruments since the arrows just run through the chromatic scale, but with drums the arrows cycle through the order of the notes in the "palette" at the bottom of the screen. I understand that the current order is defined by general midi, but this is not at all intuitive when changing the sound, since the notes jump (seemingly randomly) around the stave. Note input is not the time to be trying to remember the order of sounds in general midi, I just want the arrow key to move the note in the corresponding direction.

This has frustrated me so much in the past that I simply recreated the score using a piano stave and manually adjusted the noteheads to reach the correct appearance. I also considered creating a custom kit with the notes in a different order, but couldn't figure out how to do this.

My suggestion: provide an option for the arrow keys to adjust the notes visually (rather than being tied to general midi). In practice, having an adjustable order the notes in the palette at the bottom of the screen would achieve this.

N.b. I am not the only person who works this way...

... but the response only tried to convince the poster that the existing system was already logical. I think a better way would be to let the order be customisable (then it works for everyone). Until this is fixed I will continue to write drum scores by adjusting noteheads on a piano stave (which is obviously ridiculous!)


Well, the current way is logical, in that it follows the MIDI standard from low to high pitch.

But yes, I somewhat share your feeling (though I don't often use the arrows during note entry) and having either an option or a separate command to cycle by notated position first, notehead type second could be a user friendly addition imho.

Feel free to open a ticket in the issue tracker of type "S5 - suggestion" for this.

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