Can you change the metronome sound in MS 4 ?

• Dec 21, 2022 - 04:25

I just downloaded "Searching Four" (by Nicholas Dodd) from the Muse Hub, and when I enable the metronome sound upon playback of this piece it has a completely different sound than the default wood block sound. It has a softer digital click, which I find more pleasant than the default woodblock click.

Is there a way to change the metronome sound?

Thx, Kevin J.
ps: "Searching Four" is quite an impressive piece of writing, IMO.)


The Metronome is available as a channel in the Mixer (F10) and you can select a sound for it that way; I'm not sure which pitches it uses and how well it'd work with other sounds though.

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Hi Steve,
I'm not sure what might be happening in your situation (?) should be pretty straightforward, as indicated in the Handbook. (link below)

I'm sure you've checked, but make sure you have the metronome enabled (it should light up when you click it in the Play toolbar), and also chk that the metronome volume fader is up in the mixer. Other than that, hopefully someone else may provide a clue.

~ Kevin J.

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